Hamilton Ulmer

Singer, Arranger, Writer of Music

Hamilton Ulmer is a singer and composer of music. He got his start at the age of 5, where he penned his first song, "Egiptian Nites" [sic]. From there, he developed a strange taste for orchestral music, all the while soaking up his older siblings' taste in '90's R&B, hip-hop, and whatever the hell Nine Inch Nails is. His parents, both visual artists, dragged him to all sorts of shows, from Australian Aboriginal drum sessions, to symphony concerts, to jazz festivals.

Makeunder, his band, is the culmination of all of those experiences. Their latest record, Great Headless Blank, depicts the period of Hamilton's life where his father passed away from lung cancer and his mother sold the family home. NPR Music's Bob Boilen called it "One of the most outstanding and challenging new bits of music I've heard this year", and Bandcamp Weekly described it as a "joyful and riotous".

Hamilton also works as a studio musician, producer, and arranger in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Nashville, contributing to projects of all shapes and sizes. He recently arranged the strings for country artist Cam's platinum-selling Grammy-nominated single, "Burning House".